Press release: Winterberg teams up with KKA to accelerate its Swiss healthcare buy & build platform

Winterberg Group, the investment team managing Healthcare Holding Schweiz AG, a leading Swiss Medtech Services and Distribution Group, teams up with KKA Partners, a Berlin-based private equity firm that invests in leading SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Zug, Switzerland – March 2024


Winterberg Advisory GmbH and KKA Management GmbH have successfully increased Healthcare Holding’s share capital in order to provide the holding with up to 50M EUR fresh equity to accelerate its buy & build strategy in MedTech Services and Distribution in Switzerland.

Healthcare Holding has been active since 2021 and has so far acquired four Swiss small and medium sized enterprises, mostly in succession situations. Healthcare Holding is one of Switzerland’s leading independent distributors and service providers of medical products, with a product portfolio spanning from rehabilitation and care to interventional therapy as well as dental and orthodontic applications.

“Our collaboration with KKA will enable us to execute our ambitious pipeline of acquisition targets and integration objectives in the next five years. This will propel Healthcare Holding to a different level when it comes to scale, business excellence and of course customer service”, stated Fabian Kroeher, Partner at Winterberg and President of Healthcare Holding’s Management Board.

“We are a purpose led private equity firm focusing on enhancing European SMEs with our signature Technology Enabled Value (TEV) creation strategies. Healthcare Holding and our collaboration with the Winterberg team provide an exciting opportunity to build a category leader and improve on customer needs and efficient supply chains through TEV among other measures.”, added Dominic Faber, Partner at KKA. “Our partnership with Winterberg is built to increase our joint support for growth at Healthcare Holding and we hope to help accelerate the acquisition strategy.”

Healthcare Holding’s goal is to become Switzerland’s undisputed market leader in Medtech Services and Distribution, introducing technology-enabled transformation to the industry and supplying Swiss customers with the world’s most innovative and high-quality medical products and services.

About KKA Partners

Founded in 2018, KKA Partners is a Berlin-based lower mid-market private equity firm that invests in leading companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – the so-called “Mittelstand”.

The Founding Partners all have a deep-rooted family and professional heritage in the Mittelstand developed over 20 years in working closely with Mittelstand companies.

KKA is at the forefront of the next wave of value creation through Technology Enabled Transformation of the Mittelstand.

About Healthcare Holding Schweiz AG

As a leading player in the Swiss Medtech services and distribution sector, Healthcare Holding Schweiz AG based in Zug is focused on growing its portfolio through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. It is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, aspiring to redefine industry standards with state-of-the-art solutions and exceptional service.

To date, the group has acquired Senectovia Medizinaltechnik AG, Winther Medical AG and Mikrona Group AG with its business units Mikrona and Ortho Walker.

About Winterberg Advisory GmbH

Based in Gruenwald, Germany, Winterberg Advisory GmbH manages Private Equity investment funds, mainly concentrating on Small and Midcap Buy and Build platforms.

About Winterberg Group AG

Winterberg Group AG, located in Zug, Switzerland, is an independent family office that invests in Small and Midcap Private Equity, along with selective ventures in real estate and other asset classes.

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